Some of Basic Terminologies in Online Commodities and Stock Market.

1.Brass in India

Bass is the one of the traded commodities in MCX recently launched in 2018.

Brass comes under in a metals.

Brass has lot size of 1000/per lot.

Brass has low volatlity than other sccripts of MCX like crude, silver, zinc, copper etc.

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  1. Free MCX commodity tips

Enrich provides best commodity trading tips for every movements.  Enirch updates daily commodity market outlook analysis reports with technical charts before market open.  For getting commodity trading tips just register in Enrich Website for free intraday trading tips. Not only Enrich Clients every one can get daily commodity research reports and intraday tips in enrich website.


  1. Intraday trading time frame

Intraday trading is the most of the people choice of Indian traders. Because of Indian Commodity market volatility most of trader like intraday trading, better profit in short period of time.

For intraday trading time frame is very important. Expert’s prefers 15 minutes candles are the best for intraday trading.

Intraday trading strategies differs the inexperienced trader and expert.

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  1. NSE timing

National Stock Exchange NSE is the best Stock Exchanges in India.  NSE trading time  has extened to 11.55 PM.  Before it was 9 Am to 4 PM. Enrich market experts has written an article on impacts of NSE trading hour extension 2018. For the article visit


  1. Dark cloud cover candlestick chart pattern

Dark Cloud cover canldlestick chart pattern is the one of the technical chart pattern. It is one of special pattern only experts can know it. Enrich knowledge Center has all the technical chart patterns with deep explaination.  Enrich experts written an article on Dark Cloud Cover and Piercing pattern


  1. nse mcx merger news

NSE wants it presence in Commodity trading also in India. Because commodity trading developed well like commodities. SO NSE and MCX has descussion session for future trading. Enrich experts expand views on impacts in NSE MCX merger desussion news. For the complete article visit


  1. mcx india latest news

MCX is the best commodity exchanges in India. MCX updates daily commodity market news which affects the market nature anb behavier. Enrich updates daily commodity commodity market outlook analysis reports with technical charts before market opens.  For the daily commodity reports visit


  1. Stock market tips for intraday

Enrich Financial services is the leading online stock broker in India.  Enirch updates stock market trend anlysis reports with technical cahrts.  For more details visit


  1. Best commodity tips provider in tamilnadu

If a commodity Enrich is the best commodity tips providers in Tamil Nadu.  Enrich provides free intraday trading tips and calls. Enrich also updates daily commodity market outlook analysis reports with technical chart


Where can I find a demo trading account for MCX?

The demo trading account for commodity trading is provided free by most of advanced trading platforms owned firms in India. Demo trading account is more suitable for the beginners to analyze and learn the operations in online trading. There are some advantages in demo trading.

  • Free market watch
  • Learn buy, sell and other operations in Trading
  • Check how advanced the platform you logged in
  • Check how much accurate the calls of your trading firm

The important think in Demo Trading accounts are

  • Whether it is free or cost.
  • How many days for the demo trading


Enrich has been providing free Demo trading account for free of cost for all. We have our own trading advanced software (Market Hunt) with Multi chart watch, 70+ indicators, Price alert and highly user friendly for all beginners, traders and experts.

What are the types of commodity options?

A stock option is a contract between two parties in which the stock option buyer (holder) purchases the right stocks to buy/sell at a predetermined price from/to the option seller (writer) within a fixed period of time.

In commodity options trading, there are four commodities included in the options trading in MCX.


We, Enrich has provided top to bottom about knowledge of online trading for learning purpose. We are updating the articles while the new ideas and strategies are emerged.

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How do one start commodity business?

If one have the tendency to predict the commodity market, he/she will be the experts in trading. If one has the tendency to predict market and to start as business, he will be the commodity broker.

To become a Commodity broker in India, your firm name will be registered in MCX and SEBI. The investment in starting brokerage firm business is much high and knowledge about the trading should be known.


We, Enrich support traders as well as online trading entrepreneur. We welcome those men as sub-brokers and offers good shares. Moreover, we support them to provide our own trading platforms, leverages, RMS, IT, Logo’s, etc.

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Why is it important to learn financial institutions and markets?

Understanding how the system works creates opportunities in and of itself. A mechanic is a difficult target for a car salesman to off load a lemon. The proper understanding of financial markets and wealth creation prevents the social liberal the champion of poverty, the great equalizer by law. The social robin hood may be the greatest threat to the poor possibly even a greater threat than anything else. Europe is a wonderful example of the economy of do Gooding. Nothing is funnier than watching socialists scream for capitalistic policy and austerity measures. When the people can vote for a living and live solely to do so you know what happens? France, greece, italy, and so on.
I would rather create my own wealth than spend my time attempting to legally steal the wealth of others. A person who engages in such activity is not a righteous force of charity but a nuisance and pest. They are the victims of not understanding that stifling wealth creation creates more beggars than wealth creation does.

Where do we get the data to do fundamental analysis about a stock?

Enrich website is the best place for fundamental analysis of stock.
Enrich Knowledge Center is the library for learning Market strategies Technical as well as Fundamental.
Tehcnial Chart( Articles 10)
  1. Candlestick Patterns ( Articles 12)
  2. Moving Averages ( Articles 12)
  3. Reversal Patterns ( Articles 8)
  4. Continuous Pattern ( Articles 10)
  5. wedge Patterns( Articles 12)
  6. Trend Analysis( Articles 12)
  7. Indicators( Articles 10)
  1. Commodity Market( Articles 10)
  2. Stock Market( Articles 10)
  3. Stock Trading Basics( Articles 25)
  4. Trader Guide ( Articles 25)

What is the best stock trading platform for 2019?

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Enrich Hunt:-

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Where can a trader get an accurate MCX crude oil tips?

The crude oil in MCX is a high volatile script in the commodity market. The crude oil trading is more than the other script because of less span margin and high volatile commodity.

The tips for crude oil are provided by many tips providing firms and brokerage firms. Everyone can gives the tips for crude oil but the main thing is how accuracy it is.

We, Enrich are providing free crude oil reportsIntraday tips and Live levels for all through our website Commodity Options Trading and Tips .

How about Enrich’s tips accuracy for crude oil?

We have a special team for analyzing the trend of today market from the yesterday closing market, world commodity marketworld commodity market news and 7 years historical charts. Then, the experts finalize the trend of the crude oil market and gives the report and live levels before the market opens.

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Risk-Reward Ratio in Online Trading

risk reward ratio is employed by investors to approximate the likely returnsof investment to the quantity of risk is understood as a Risk Reward ratio.

This ratio is planned scientifically by dividing the quantity an investor stands to lose if the worth of a share moves in an unhelpful direction by the quantity of profit he is likely to create, in a closed trade.

It also gets better trade likelihood and assists to uphold a healthy share market risk management that shapes a significant part of profitable trading.

The profit price for each trade must be a minimum of three times bigger than the risk price.

This rule assure a adequate amount of margin for good trade and rewarding returns. money management is therefore created easier, and the investor is prohibited from taking risks on the far side his ability.

The ratio provides an apparent depiction of a premeditated move and direction yet before investing even for online trading.

This advancement makes it simple for a realistic reward scenario supported studied steps and gives you a contented margin to succeed whereas maintaining a tolerable risk factor.

Another significant part ……………………….. Click here What is a risk-reward ratio? |Importance of risk-reward ratio| EFS


Share Market Management

All online trading should be done with investment of money in that trading. So, money management skills can control the losses in the trading and make a way for profitable trading in Share market.
Money management is that the technique of looking for where you are spending your cash, and outline a structured set up for where you want it to go in the future. it is also a method used to get the maximum interest-yield from the money that you invest. The following steps may help you to preserve your investment in share market trading.